Are you looking for solutions but feeling overwhelmed with the expensive courses that inevitably lead to nowhere?

 Why can't you access hours of audio, video and literally hundreds of guides, ebooks and courses completely free? (It's digital and digital costs nothing!) 

I've seen the same few questions over and over in the online groups for people starting, building and growing online businesses and realized that there is no reliable resource to provide them with the answers they are searching for.

I believe that education should be free so you can have a fighting chance to get your online business off the ground and profiting, so I gathered partnerships with as many reputable providers as possible to bring you a well rounded online education that will give you the answers to how to: 


Get more customers

(the kind that tells their friends)

Build relevant traffic

(more subscribers, fewer unsubscribers)

Generate warm leads

(no more time wasters)

Improve your conversions

(make the most of your visitors)

Automate your system

(without sacrificing quality)

Reuse Content Yourself

(share as your own with your followers)

Hi, my name is Karl Dennis.


I've spent the last 10+ years travelling abroad buying, selling, creating and improving online businesses for myself and my clients.

I've worked with best-selling authors, award-winning bloggers and top of the charts entrepreneur magazines along with various small business owners in the health and wellness industry. I love what I do and I wouldn't change it for the world. 

I am self-taught and after a decade of planning, building, researching and learning I've found there is a lot of expensive misinformation online that left me asking myself the same question over and over ...

"Why is it so hard for people to get useful, practical and implementable training that will bring them the results they truly desire in their business?"

And then it dawned on me that it doesn't have to be that way!

There are so many courses connected to affiliate programs that are designed to 'fluff up' their value. I decided to offer as much as I can for free so that everybody has a chance to build the business of their dreams. For me, it was seeing the world and financial freedom from living the cubical life - what is it for you? 

Sign up and get started today! I'll see you inside. 


Nathan Chan

Foundr Magazine

Karl is an excellent writer and an extremely talented entrepreneur. He wrote an amazing feature piece for me which become a cover story with Srini Rao.

Natalie Sisson

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Karl and I worked together on my 30 Day Blog Challenge initiative. The results of the blog challenge blew me away and my community loved the idea that I had themed on my Suitcase Entrepreneur book.

Tenielle Lake

Sassy Minx

Karl was everything I needed to see where my business needed to go in the future, his marketing knowledge and all around experience trumps anyone else I have talked to. Now as a result, my business is turning over more than $200,000 a year.






Leon Tran

WarriorPlus #5 Best Provider

I’ve never seen anything like this before. Karl not only managed to entice me easily into partnering with him, but he brilliantly folded his approach in doing so back into the product we sold - mind-blowing! If you’re serious about getting started in earning money online today I couldn’t recommend a better starting point.

Jake Howard

Health Engine

Karl worked on a few projects for me and was a great asset to the team. His abilities are broad and I’d certainly recommend him as a good provider of services as well as an awesome member of any team.

Tom Ewer

Leaving Work Behind

Karl is a talented and conscientious writer with a keen eye for producing a quality end product. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

Trish Topp

George Financial Services

I needed a seriously professional website with ALL the bells and whistles. I’m a very organized person and after searching for someone that has not only the best portfolio, but an excellent personal service method, and streamlined process I was hooked. Karl really made my vision a reality and I recommend him about as often as I can.

Jody Higgins

My Virtual Assistant Services

Karl was incredible to work with. He really cares about the quality of service he provides and is refreshingly honest and down to earth. He has an impeccable knowledge of social media marketing, content development and digital business development. He is an absolute must-have for any team. I will work with Karl again in the near future whenever possible.

Vikki Higa

Karl and his team did an awesome job on creating a logo for me. I got exactly what I wanted in a short time. I recommend them for any design work.

Melanie Gray

Marketing Plans Online

Just read “Killer Copywriting” by Karl Dennis. It was such a helpful read! Was not only practical but entertaining and insightful too, evidenced by the fact that it keeps you engaged the whole way through. Highly recommended.

Marjorie Jean Anderson

MJ Yoga

Karl consistently provides me with quick solutions, and a fresh point of view for my future goals. His knowledge of marketing and internet business is astoundingly vast and I’m yet to find a subject he doesn’t master. He’s my ‘go-to-guy’ for…well… everything. He’s become not just a business contact but a dear friend.


Rainbow Moon Thai Massage

Since we’ve begun working with Karl we’ve cancelled all our previous marketing expenses, and not only has business been stable he’s managed to double our customer base in just 5 days. He’s the real deal.

Harley Osgood

Next Level Computers

I run an IT business and didn’t have time to put towards a much needed online profile for my business. Karl took the reins and handled the project with ease. The job was complete fluidly without hiccups and I couldn’t be happier. He is now my go-to guy.

Susannah Van

I hired Karl late last year to help with my online business and after I did literally everything changed for the better. He is simply amazing. It doesn’t matter if you just starting out or a fortune 500 company. You need this guy. Work with him and I guarantee you will walk away from that meeting saying wow! Well earned Karl. Thanks so much for everything.

Sherrell Moore-Tucker

Fit and Flow Yoga

Karl’s business strategy skills are off the charts. The results I got before and after working with him are just incredible. I truly couldn’t of done it without him.

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