karl-bio-smile-bwHi, I’m Karl.


I’m an Internet Marketing Consultant in Perth, Western Australia. Turn my marketing expertise into your new lead generation. 


I’ve worked with best selling authors, award winning bloggers and helped clients go from zero to six figures within just months of consulting sessions. After a decade of travelling abroad  and working for these clients online I’ve finally settled down into Perth, Western Australia and currently seeking opportunities in: writing, joint ventures deals, strategic alliance partnerships, affiliate program marketing, lead generation, and strategic consulting/advisory positions. I’m a surefire catalyst for the future success, opportunities, expansion and growth of any online business I come into contact with. Get in touch with me today to discuss your goals.

Karl and I worked together on my 30 Day Blog Challenge initiative. Having not worked with a digital strategist before I appreciated being able to bounce my many ideas for this project off him and have him throw his own back at me in a form that was easier to work with and more streamlined. His use of tools like mind-maps and working in with my current systems was much appreciated and helped us set the big picture and filter it down into deliverables. Karl then worked with me to flesh out the content and set to work creating a portion of this too, alleviating me from having to do all the grunt work. He also offered insight and ideas along the way and was constantly thinking about ways to get the most out of it. The results of the blog challenge blew me away and my community loved the idea that I had themed on my Suitcase Entrepreneur book. I was glad Karl was able to step in and take those themes and filter it out as I had envisioned into a 3 part blog challenge. He got what I was trying to achieve from the beginning and having him as part of my team during the initial stages of this challenge was definitely beneficial and appreciated.

Natalie Sisson

Best Selling Author, Suitcase Entrepreneur


Karl Dennis Marketing Perth

If you’d like to talk with me about your own project or perhaps even just say hello I’d love to hear from you.